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Divorce Story: Can Americans Break Up (with the Borg)?

We’re told our entanglement prevents some sort of separation. But it’s the cyborg regime we’re too entangled in, not each other.

Yes, talk of national divorce is heating up the discourse, and I have a question: Can you really get a divorce if you are transformed into nanogoo pic.twitter.com/vMaw9krktj— James Poulos (@jamespoulos) February 22, 2023 A QUANTUM OF ENTANGLEMENT Entanglement is perhaps thee main condition skeptics reach for to rebut, or even dismiss, the national divorce argument (we’re two different peoples/countries/civilizations, we must part ways or suffer the consequences). Ackshually, we’re told, Americans are polarized but also muddled together; we mix and mingle more than could ever make possible a neat separation or even a messy one; too many normies can’t handle hiving off into cleansed camps; mass population exchange is one thing when it’s Greeks and Turks a hundred years ago, it’s quite another — dead on arrival — when we’re talking about red states full of blue cities and blue states often still teeming with as much as three…

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